Savannah Rocks!
Savannah Rocks!


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Savannah Rocks! wants to connect musicians across generations and create a more vibrant local music scene in Savannah.  The 50th anniversary concert was held on February 7th at the American Legion on Bull St. Another local memorabilia showcase is scheduled for March 6th at Blick Art Gallery on Broughton Street.  Help Savannah Rocks! nurture the local music scene by fostering connections and building a shared history around music.  Below is an example of memorabilia that Savannah Rocks! is looking for!  MORE INFO

WSGA - 1971

 WSGA 1971

Jerry Rogers at the Civic Center with the Allman Brothers - 1970s

sAllman Brothers


Jerry Rogers with the Osmond Brothers - 1970s


Jerry Rogers and Wolfman Jack at WSGA in the 70sWolfman Jack