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Scotty Snipes

Where were you born? Clovis, New Mexico -  Home of the Norman Petty Recording Studios (Buddy Holly, Fireballs, Roy Orbison)

How long have you lived in Savannah11 years,  Radio brought me to Savannah!

What is your favorite food? GOOD… Mexican

Favorite beverage? GOODSavannah Tap

Who is your favorite music artist(s)? I shouldn’t have to choose with the Q

What is the best concert you ever attended? I have seen so many great concerts in my time… Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Steely Dan and the Eagles are among the top… however recently I attended the Johnny Winter concert at the Roundhouse… and was blown away.  Johnny is now in my top ten.  

Last book you read?  The Pro Tool Manual (700+) Ok… not all of it!

Best movie of all time? Forrest Gump

How many pets do you have? Roughly… 1/25 of a cat! (Smarty Jones… Quality Cat)

What TV show(s) are you addicted to? Special Report with Brit Hume (Fox) and Curb you Enthusiasm.

If you could meet any person, alive or dead, who would it be?  Bob Saget… just kidding, it is really Britney Spears, Oops… forgot I met her right here in Savannah… ok then… I think Ben Franklin or Mark Twain would be cool.