Renee 11/3/09 Print
Hello To You!

This is Tuesday morning and I believe the fellas call this the morning after quarterback.  I cannot believe the Falcons lost again!  This is a season we've not seen from the birds in a while. Let's hope they can put things right during the season second half. Now the Saints and the Colts (yulk) are the two undefeated teams.

It is no secret of my love of many types of music, but is a secret I once owned a Neil Diamond album.  Please don't laugh! This was an impulse purchase, but this album helped me solidify the committment to keep an open mind about the music I listen to and appreciate all of it. On the album notes Diamond talks about theses songs he composed that came to him after a visit to the African continent.  By the way, the first record I ever bought - was by James Brown.  What was yours?

It the season of giving thanks and giving back.  Need an idea?  Why not support the 'Dancing with Savannah Stars' effort to help CASA, the Court Appointed Special Advocates!

Stay Safe,